Free software and online resources is a videosharing service for videoblogging and podcasting. allows you to upload videos and store them on the internet archive. You can also tag videos and see how many people watched your video and how they found it.

A multimedia curating site that lets you manage who gets to see what of you photos, videos, etc.
Bloglines is a free online service for searching, creating, and sharing blogs, newsfeeds. Once you register you can choose the feeds you are interested in and Bloglines will keep track of them for you.

Delicious (formerly is a free social bookmarking service. It allows you to store all of your bookmarks using tags so that your bookmarks stay organized. Delicious enables you to access your bookmarks from any computer. You can also share your bookmarks with people in your network on Delicious. The homepage also shows the most popular bookmarks.

EasyVideoDownloader allows you to save videos from the internet as AVI and MPEG4. With this free application you just need to post the URL of the video to the program and it will convert the file.

Freeplay Music has a music library with all genres available. Freeplay Music offers free downloads of songs.

GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program is a free graphic raster editor for digital photos. In other words it allows you to make changes to the pixels of the photos. You can edit the photos in various ways: crop, alter the size of photos, add logos, etc. You can also create animated images in GIF format using GIMP.

Google Earth is a free virtual global mapping program.

Google Maps is a free web mapping service. It shows street maps, route planner for biker, and pedestrians.

Jing is a free application that allows you to capture images and videos that are on your desktop. This allows you to share what you can see on your desktop with others. All you have to do is highlight the part of the screen that you have want to capture and share. Jing sits on the side of your screen. Once you capture the images and videos you can send them to and share them.

KeepVid allows you to make a local copy of videos off of sites such as YouTube. Input the URL of the video and KeepVid will give you a download link. Rename the file extension to .flv. You can then watch your videos on a VLC player or FLV player.

Ourmedia is a freehosting site of images, texts, video/audio clips. It is dedicated to “spreading grassroots creativity.” It also has a Learning Center that can help users.

Podomatic is a free hosting site for podcasts.

Switchpod allows you to create podcasts and upload them to their site. Switchpod has a free version and also promotes your podcasts on its site.

Zamzar is a free online file conversion program. Type in a URL or upload a file and Zamzar will convert the file to another format. Zamzar will then send you an e-mail with the URL to download the converted file.

A one-stop portal for accessing a range of Web 2.0 applications and services.

[edit]Free online photoshopping applications

Splashup (formerly Fauxto) is an online image edit tool. It allows you to add different effects to parts of images, add different effects to different layers, and open more than one image at a time. Splashup is compatible with Flickr, Facebook, and Picasa.

See also: The Photoshopping Interest Group here on

[edit]Free wiki-hosting sites

[edit]Free software

This website posts a new piece of software for PC computers every 24 hours. This software costs typically anywhere between $19 to $30 USD, but this site allows you to download and register a full version (not a trial version) for free. You do have to install it and register it using the codes that sends to you during the 24 hour period within which the software is available. The software on offer is a mixed bag and it's worth reading user reviews each time, but it's possible to acquire some real gems this way. You can also download free full-version games via this site as well.