If you're familiar with Wikipedia, then you'll be reasonably familiar with how wikis work. The following links will tell you more about what a wiki actually is, and how you can start contributing to this one.

Where to begin?

If you know your way around a wiki, the features will be very familiar to you. Simply create an account by registering with Wikispaces, and then request to join the NewLits.org wiki.

A key reason why we've chosen to use Wikispaces is that this service offers free wiki space to educators--which makes it ideal for practising what we hope you'll consider taking up in your own teaching context!

How do I Edit Pages?

The best way to learn is to jump right in by clicking on the discussion link or tap at the top of the page and writing something in response to this 'getting started' page.

Wikispaces also has a short introduction on how to add pages, edit existing pages, insert images and video, and the like.

Here's a quick guide to formatting text, too. It includes things like how to indent text for quotes,

The main thing is to jump in and start mucking around and having fun!