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NewLits.org is a wiki space created to collaboratively develop a rich range of specialist resources for middle school language arts/literacy educators (typically Grades 5 to 8). These resources focus variously and broadly on new literacies and digital technologies.

New literacies” in the sense used here are literacy practices mediated by digital technologies (e.g., blogging, gaming, social networking), or that are newly recognized as literacies due to their increased ubiquity as a practice (e.g., fanfiction writing, live action role-plays) More...

Contributing Authors

A key component of this wiki is a set of commissioned papers from authorities within the field of new literacies. These papers can be access here:

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The materials on this wiki have a "creative commons" license (i.e., Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States for details) which means you can use all the materials on this wiki freely for non-profit purposes and with proper attribution to the original creator of the resource(s).

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